This Might Be The Coolest Rocker Closet, Ever

PHASES’ Z Berg takes us through her wardrobe

by nylon

You can't have music without fashion, and fashion wouldn't necessarily be fashion without music. The two are intrinsically linked. Musicians are characters and characters—well, the memorable ones—have style. For PHASES, the L.A. quartet behind hits like "I'm In Love With My Life," style is inherent. "I can describe my style in terms of music and in terms of fashion," PHASES' Alex Greenwald says. "Whatever makes me feel as good as I can." Solid words to live by.

We recently caught up with the band, for a pseudo music video interview that turned into a closet tour. Lead singer Z Berg brought us into one—yes, one—of her closets and walked us through some pieces. Like the music someone listens to, how they dress says a lot about them. Z Berg is as bubbly and eclectic as they come. Patterns, textures, and bold colors all come together to make up the kaleidoscope that is her wardrobe. It's enough to convince you to step out of that monochrome hole winter has likely put you in. She claims everything she touches "turns to dust." Really, though, she's got the Midas touch and the closet to prove it.