Phases Im In Love With My Life Video - New Music 2015

your new morning mantra

Over the past few weeks, the art of the music video has come under a bit of scrutiny. What’s the point of engaging a fan-base with a three minute visual when social platforms like Twitter and Instagram are so much more immediate? Some have argued for the importance of high-concept visuals—which is fine, but there is still something to be said about a music video that exists for itself.

The new video for the title track off of PHASES’ debut album I’m In Love With My Life (out today) does just that. The main message from the L.A.-based quartet here is the importance of having a good time. You could sum it up with a lyric from its chorus: “Feeling good ain’t going out of style.” The song itself is the kind of blissful pop that makes listeners lose themselves for a little bit. The video takes that idea up a few notches—okay, a lot of notches—by juxtaposing the joyful tone of the song with images of catastrophe, all while being shot in reverse. 

Director Ethan Tobman told us that when he first heard the song, he “immediately thought of trying to do something in reverse.” He continued, “The idea was that PHASES would be moving forward, nonchalantly, while the world around them inverts complexity in a way that bring us joy.” The band told us it was the video they had "always dreamed of making.” And it completely shows. This is a music video designed to make you feel nothing short of great. See for yourself below.