This Music Video Is A Tumblr Girl’s Dream

watch pia mia’s video for “touch”

2015 hasn’t spawned many music videos that are fashion driven. Maybe it’s because the Lady Gagas, Beyoncés, and Rihannas of the world are too busy with other projects to wrangle a few stylists for a video. Blessed are we that Pia Mia is here to fill the void. Her new video for her tropic-pop banger “Touch” is saturated in looks to try.

Over the course of its three-and-a-half minutes, Pia rocks nine different looks—each one destined to wind up on some alt girl’s style blog in no time. One we’re particularly lusting for is the Princess Leia bun look. That glittery all-seeing eye crop top is everything. And the sparkly tights she paired it with? Need! Pia Mia’s also a master at skirting flannels, so we at least have a few inspo looks to pull from for the fall. But damn, does she make us want that warm weather wardrobe.