pink ♥ nylon

our editors pick their ultimate back-to-school outfits.

by nylon

Whether you're gearing up for classes or just ready to ditch your summer threads, the best part about back-to-school season is getting a brand new wardrobe. PINK's Campus Essentials collection should more than help you with that; from sporty tanks to floral skirts to printed leggings, there are tons of options to help you get dressed, even when it's for that 8 am art history seminar.

Even easier? Giving them a NYLON touch. We had NYLON editors Dani Stahl, Rachael Wang, and Rebecca Willa Davis come up with their favorite PINK Campus Essentials looks for fall. 

"I love taking the basketball jersey tank off the court with a pair of leggings," says our market director Wang. Like to roll out of bed and head out the door? So does our editor-at-large Stahl, who loves "the lazy-chic feel" this fall. And if there's one thing you need come September, it's definitely a backpack--at least, according to our executive web editor Davis, who added a satchel to one of her looks. "The backpack is a back-to-school staple, but that doesn't mean it should be boring; the sequined leopard print makes it anything but."

Get your own PINK Campus Essentials here and check out NYLON's favorite looks in the gallery!