Pins Band Interview

girl chants, guitar riffs, and garage punk ear candy.

by liza darwin

The invite to a PINS show should read: BYOM. It stands for Bring Your Own Moshpit, because regardless of whether you're seeing the band play at SXSW in Austin or in their hometown of Manchester, chances are it's gonna be a rager.

Chalk it up to their killer dance moves, their well-deserved internet hype or their badass vocals, but this U.K. quartet knows how to bring it time and time again. Without really knowing much about them it's easy to assume they're from Brooklyn--we hear traces of Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, and Colleen Green in their layered melodies and scuzzy guitar riffs--but after listening to their debut album 

Girls Like Us, 

you'll see what makes this indie punk outfit stand out from the pack (think Eagulls with a "f*** it" girl power vibe).

So what are you waiting for? Get to know PINS members Lois, Faith, Sophie, and Anna from their pop quiz below and check out their tour dates


You call yourselves PINS because...

Lois - We just wanted a short name that we all liked, and that's the one we kept coming back to.  I can't imagine it being anything else now.

The craziest show you've ever played was...

Lois - One of my favourite shows was in a pub in Birmingham, small and sweaty and no space between stage and crowd.

Faith - We did a show at Espace B in Paris, we were driving from Nantes and we were so late! We go there and practically ran on stage, no soundcheck, no nothing! It was really fun though, the place was packed out and everyone was dancing.

Sophie - Brixton Academy. 3000 people.  Crazy.

Anna - I think the Parisians have a lot to answer for.. The last time we played in Paris was another rammed sweaty show at l'international. I love seeing men bouncing up and down singing along to "Girls Like Us."

Your style is inspired by...

Lois - So many different things.  I love watching films, mostly older ones, and sci-fi too - there's always great weird ideas in there you can pull out.  

Red Sonja

(1985) is my current favorite, it doesn't make much sense but it looks great.

Faith - I have a stack of poetry books that i go to for inspiration, my friend Lara bought Sylvia Plaths 'Ariel' for my birthday, i love it so much.  

Sophie - I'm always looking for inspiration in other music and amongst my peers.  There's so much to be gained from the people immediately around you

Your favorite song to perform live is...

Lois - "I Want It All"

Faith - "I like "Girls Like Us." I don't play the guitar in that song so I can dance. 

Sophie - "Oh Lord." It's a newbie

Anna - I might have to agree with Sophie on "Oh Lord"...it has lots of sudden ups and downs and teasers. Seems to go down very well with the audience too.

The story behind your song "Girls Like Us" is...

Faith - I wanted something we could all sing along to, a girl gang chant. We went on to name the album after that song, "Girls Like Us" kind of sums up what our band is all about...it's not about being girls like us its about being yourself and doing whatever the f*** it is you want to do. No regrets!