‘pitch perfect 2’ is taking over the world

the barden bellas go abroad in the latest trailer.

Pitch Perfect 2 is taking our favorite fictional a capella squad abroad as the Barden Bellas travel to the World Championships of A Capella. (Is this a real thing? Can it be a real thing?) And in the latest trailer for the sequel, we're seeing that this singing group is in for some serious training if they can even hope to be a threat to their intense Euro competition.

The stakes are much higher for the Bellas in this film as they face their greatest challengers yet—think futuristic, ABBA-inspired Scandinavian singers and Union Jack-clad Brits. In an effort to prepare for the competition, Anna Kendrick and company set off for a capella bootcamp, which causes emotions to run high and even inspires a much-needed reprise of "Cups." Win or lose, these girls have shown that their antics and pure hilarity make them the true champions, at least in our eyes.

The trailer shows Rebel Wilson as the gem she is, as well as a potential pyrotechnics catastrophe in the Bella's stage show rehearsal. The soundtrack also includes a bunch of playlist-ready tracks, including an a capella rendition of "Before He Cheats" that will definitely evoke a couple yells of "yaaas queen!" We're in for a wild (and jam sesh-worthy) ride.

Pitch Perfect 2 will be released May 15. Watch the trailer below.

(via People)

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