Pizza with a Doritos-Covered Stuffed Crust

stuffed pizza crust covered in doritos.

This holiday season, you might want to put your extra dollars towards a flight to Australia. Besides the fact that it's currently summer there, the awesome country down under is now home to the ultimate snack food: Pizza Hut's Doritos Crunch Crust Pizza (it even has its own website here).

Say what?!

It's true: The pizza chain (that's been around since 1958—who knew?) has just released the ridiculously amazing concept in Australia, featuring crust stuffed with "molten" mozzarella cheese that's completely covered in cheddar cheese and Nacho Cheese Doritos. Yes, it's about time someone capitlized on this sleepover staple/drunken "I'll eat whatever's around" feast/junk-food masterpiece in order to make a buck.

...Am I the only one who's been cramming my face with pizza that's covered in Doritos every Friday night since I was 10 years old? Either way, it doesn't look like there are any plans for Pizza Hut to bring the epic snack food to America just yet, which is why we're making a plan to get ourselves to the pizza.

Watch the ultra cheesy video introducing the new phenomenon, below.

(via LA Times)