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introducing the very first nylon game.

by faran krentcil

You've already seen "Good Idea or Bad Idea," the NYLON blog game that takes on-the-fence trends and turns them over to public debate

. Thanks to GIBI, we've learned that mismatched shoes a la Helena Bonham Carter don't fly, but the One Piece definitely does.

Now we introduce the Idea Blaster, a game that takes GIBI's greatest hits and lets you vote once and for all.

The rules are simple: See the questionable trend displayed in the box, then click the "Good Idea" or "Bad Idea" button.  If your vote matches the majority of NYLON readers, you'll keep playing.  If not, the game will restart, and you'll have another chance to redeem yourself.

The Idea Blaster will spit out new trends every day, and you'll be able to

submit your own suggestions via Facebook. 

Good luck, and enjoy!