Ambitious and rambunctious since 1972…

by Josh Madden


Born in Manhattan back in 1972, PONY was founded by Uruguay-born entrepreneur Roberto Muller, a maverick who lived life by the seat of his pants. Literally the heart and soul of the company, Muller created PONY in his own image, equal-parts energetic, rambunctious and ambitious.

It's pretty interesting, thumbing through the lookbook and noticing some of the classic models PONY has revived for the latest collection. There are a few designs and colorways, ones that definitely inspired some of the newer sneakers we see on the street today. It's rad to see the legendary brand back in action, to once again have these footwear forefathers at our finger tips again!

Three new lines of summer suited shoes bulk out this collection; core footwear Line-Canvas Topstars, Nylon M-100's and Nylon City Wings. The brand plays on chromatics and color blocking on Topstars, provocative neon detailing on the M-Series, and pop color on City Wings. Check out PONYs spring 2014 lookbook above and the new campaign video below then shop the collection 


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