pop culture memory lane

What happens when famous people meet famous people…

by Josh Madden

We were talking with some friends the other day when one of them dropped a name--well, in truth, a story about a chance meeting with a celebrity--another one of our friends put us on to Pop Culture Memory Lane. This partnership from Vulture and UCB Comedy is by far one of our favorite things we've seen in...well this might be the best thing ever. The animated series features comedians telling the stories of their real life encounters with famous people. Spearheaded by UCB's creative director Todd Bieber and featuring the likes of Will Hines, Paul Scheer, Jim O'Heir and our personal favorite story, by John Cho, these short videos are incredible. We're super stoked on this on-going series so much we're lobbying for it to become a TV show. Until then we'll be re-watching all of these and looking forward to new ones. Check out all 15 episodes HERE and follow Todd Bieber on Twitter HERE.