Porter Robinson World Album Photos

go around the world with these exclusive images.

by liza darwin

Unless you've been in serious hibernation mode these last couple of months, hopefully by now you know Porter Robinson. The North Carolina-bred producer and musician has been blowing up the internet (and iTunes) with his lush, layered dance tunes, and with a brand new album that's currently sitting pretty at #1 on the electronic charts, he's only getting started.

For his debut LP Worlds, Robinson was inspired by a far-flung fantasyland, taking cues from video games like World of Warcraft. As Robinson puts it, "The whole idea behind the record is this feeling of evoking fictional universes. It's supposed to feel like fantasy; fictional universes in games have been dear to me my entire life. I think that kind of escapism is just so beautiful and I wanted my album to feel that way."

While he's definitely nailed the sonic influence in his addictive, expansive jams, he wanted a little help on the visual front. After all, a great song deserves an equally awesome graphic accompaniment, so Robinson commissioned some of his favorite Tumblr artists to craft designs that represent the vibe of the album.

According to the musician, "The concept art project was meant to help people feel that world-building aesthetic. I wanted all of polaroids to feel like the concept art you see in the formative development days of games and movies, when everything is still in the limitless realm of the conceptual."

He's been slowly rolling out some of his favorites on Instagram, but for those of us who hate to wait (AKA everyone), we've got the entire gallery exclusively here. Check them out below, then get the scoop on how you can see Porter Robinson's Worlds tour here