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Finally We Can All Be Powerpuff Girls And Boys

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by Lisa Eppich

Of all the reboots that will happen or have already happened this year, few are making us as excited as The Powerpuff Girls relaunch debuting tomorrow, April 4th. Those of us who came of age in the late '90s fell head over heels for Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup: three genetically engineered superheroes who split their time fighting crime and just trying to be normal kids, which, you know, was pretty much everything any late '90s kid ever wanted to be. Thankfully, Cartoon Network has actually let us live out that fantasy (at least online where you already pretend to be whoever you want) through the website, where you can create your own custom avatar in the style of the show's artwork.

For a simple avatar creator, lets you select from a surprising number of skin types, hairstyles, clothing options, and accessories, allowing you to make a frighteningly accurate version of yourself if you had enormous eyes and a tiny body. From a tiny cat sidekick to bangled earrings, there's options for every personality. In that vein, the website has upped the inclusive factor by having both male and female avatar options, so your crime-fighting alter-ego can be gendered however you'd please. Once you're done, download your creation as an avatar, phone wallpaper, or animated GIF (which you have likely already seen all over your Twitter and Facebook feeds).

Since you will probably not end up doing any of the things you intended to do today, is probably just the distraction you needed but didn't want to look for. You're welcome.