Photo by Nick Ferreiro


POWERS Find Some Time For Fun In “Georgie”

A new era awaits, but first…

This past summer, POWERS' Crista Ru was diagnosed with thyroid and lymph node cancer in her neck. "Cancer," she says, "is a dark and scary word." But it is also a word that has brought light to Ru's and her POWERS partner Mike del Rio's lives. "There is a place inside both of us overflowing with inspiration that we never have gone to before this experience. It has put so much more meaning and purpose to not only our expression but life as a whole."

One diagnosis, however, isn't enough to keep them from doing the damn thing and keeping spirits up through music. The healing power of creativity is on full display in their new song, "Georgie," off of their upcoming debut album. It's the most polished fusion of pop, dance, and seduction the duo has ever put out. Ru's vocals are playful and in command, while del Rio adds just the right amount of funk necessary to get your feet moving. 

"The last few months have been some of the most sobering and intense times of our lives," the band tells us. "This experience with cancer has been exhausting, but it has also shined so much light and truth into our perspective as individuals and in our relationship. As people and as a band, we’ve been hit with a rejuvenated sense of who we are, what we need to say, and how we are going to do it."

"Georgie," they say, is an end of an era. "With this recent wave of emotion, there is a newfound purpose to tell our story as a new chapter in the coming year. It’s funny how the universe works, or doesn't work, sometimes. That what’s so inspiring to us right now. So we are releasing this as a 'thank you' to our amazingly supportive, patient fans. It’s been one hell of a journey, and we are eternally grateful for their love and support."

Listen below.