premiere: dreamtigers “go forth alone”

Kick your weekend off with a jam you’ll wanna play on repeat…

by Josh Madden

The once folky duo, now full-on indie rock foursome Dreamtigers snagged their name from Jorge Luis Borges' book of prose and verse and after listening to "Go Forth Alone" from the forthcoming album Wishing Well we can see the literary connection. Furthermore when we spoke to the Beverly, Massachusetts-based band's guitarist, Jake Woodruff this is what he had to say about the track-

"This song is written from the perspective of a dying parent to their child. We started writing it based on a character from the Marilynne Robinson novel "Gilead", and the complex emotions they were feeling as they tried to sort out the finality of what was happening. It's for anyone who has lost a loved one."

So before you even hear this song you know the band has it's lyric writing feet firmly planted some solid literature. Now for the music--these dudes have been making music together, in some form or another, for over a decade and when you listen you can kinda feel it. The build-up, breakdown, and tempo changes of this track feel natural and in an age where many bands pile on sounds often scrambling a good tune, these guys don't.

Be the first to hear "Go Forth Alone" alone below have a listen to more Dreamtigers jams on their Bandcamp HERE and pre-order Wishing Well (out February 25th) HERE. We hear the record features a slew of guest appearances, including members of Caspian, Balmorhea, and Polar Bear Club, and if the rest of the tracks are like this one it's sure to be a hit!