premiere: fly moon royalty “DNA”

We’re riding this funktastic head-nod wave all day today…

by Josh Madden

You know, here at NYLON HQ we are super fans of electro-grooved out jams from artists like Daft Punk and Chromeo, so when we heard this new track , "DNA," from Fly Moon Royalty we literally bugged. The Seattle based duo dropped this slow jam on us just in time for some Valentines Day, candle lit, living room slow dance action.

Fly Moon Royalty is comprised of vocalist Adra Boo and DJ-Producer-Emcee Action J, and the resulting marriage of R&B-meets-electronica these two create is a wave we're hopping right on. The duo set to release their Unfinished Business EP February 18th so until then we're playing "DNA" on a head-nod repeat and hanging out on their Soundcloud HERE. You can find them on Twitter HERE and check out their Facebook over HERE.