premiere: ghastly city sleep “white owls”

The alternative rock foursome pushes the boundaries with their latest single…

by Christian Lavery

The alternative foursome that was built from the ruins of former punk-rock bands City of Caterpillar, Gregor Samsa, Majority Rule, and Pg. 99 in 2005, has since seen there sound flourish through the release of 3 albums. They have more on the way, though. Set to drop Lulling Skulls this October on Magic Bullet Records, the Brooklyn-based musicians today debut a new single to give us all a little taste as to what we can expect.

Known for their electronic soundscapes and use of live instruments, “White Owls,” sticks to that recipe, yet pushes the boundaries through melodic loops and dense beats, even incorporating a tension-building interlude to complement the otherwise entrancing tones and vocals. Listen to “White Owls” below, and keep up with Ghastly City Sleep HERE.

-photo by Ebru Yildiz