Premiere: Isaac Delusion “She Pretends”

New music…New vibes…Good times…

by Josh Madden

Isaac Delusion are Paris-based quartet of multidisciplinary artists who are continually melding genres and exploring new musical landscapes. The band was founded by longtime college pals, Loïc Fleury and Jules Paco, who share a love for the rebirth of lyricism in pop have a great passion for harmonies.

Loïc’s distinctive vocal range and imagination make him a mysterious frontman. His trips to Iceland and his love for American pop folk led him to compose with Jules and the result is catchy but unlike anything we've heard before. The duo’s first offering, the Midnight Sun EP, was released on the esteemed French taste-maker label Cracki Records in early 2012 followed by the 2013 release of Early Morning.

The band's latest single "She Pretends" from the forthcoming self titled "7 is due Out June 3rd in the US on Cracki Records. Check out more of their music HERE follow them on Twitter HERE and check out their Facebook HERE for updates.