premiere: lolo “heard it from a friend”

An “F” you ballad of Bond title credit proportions…

by Josh Madden

When this Lolo aka Weapon For Saturday track entitled "Heard It From a Friend" showed up in our inbox this morning, the first thing we thought was, "someone accidentally sent us a track that was meant for our girls." Then we listened to it. Wow. We'll try our best to abstain from making comparisons while talking about this artist, but we grew up with a lot of Carole King playing around the house, and we can't help but feel that vibe in the opening stanzas. The track was produced by Mark Batson (Dr. Dre/Eminem), and when the bass kicks in his signature sound is definitely unmistakable. This track feels soundtrack big, like, Bond soundtrack big. Whoever this Lolo chick is, we don't want to piss her off, ever. For real, this is our introduction to the artist and she's already telling us off. We checked out her Facebook, and not only can she sing, but she's hot. So there's that , too. Anyway...Lolo, wherever you are, thanks for sending us this song. We like it, we come in peace and we hope to see you play a show soon. For more of her music go HERE.