Premiere: Marco with Love “Will You Remember Poison Heart”

A love song to rock ‘n roll…

by Josh Madden

How radical do you have to be to tour with a Ramone? I mean, speaking for myself, the Ramones are my favorite band of all time. Like, I can and will argue for hours about the fact that pop music and punk rock and being cool and leather jackets would never be where they are without the downtown saints. Which leads me to the conversation of the next generation and a guy who goes by the name Marco with Love.

Marco made a name for himself internationally in the power-pop band Le Mood, as well as the transatlantic anthemic rock group The Killing Floor, and eventually caught the eye and ear of Marky Ramone in 2010. Ramone tapped him to take over as lead vocalist, filling in for the ailing Michael Graves (The Misfits) during the kickoff of Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg European tour. For a lifelong Ramones fan, it was a dream come true and an experience that inspired his album's closing track, "Will You Remember Poison Heart?". Ramone has continued to support him and The Killing Floor, personally selecting them as openers for a recent show at The Bell House in Brooklyn.

The video that accompanies "Will You Remember Poison Heart?" is an instant classic, starring all of the necessary stops on a NYC Rock n' Roll tour set to a tune the Ramones would be proud of. From hanging with the legendary Jimmy Webb at Trash and Vaudeville on Saint Marks to the beaches of Coney Island, Marco with Love picks up that "Hey-Ho" flag and waves it with an "I wanna be your boyfriend" jam of his own. The seven minute long ode to all things rock is not a second too long--if anything, it leaves you wanting to hear the entire Love album.

The entire record is solid (you can pick it up HERE) and if you're anywhere near the city you can check Marco with Love out live at the Knitting Factory February 22nd at 8pm. Follow Marco on Twitter HERE and check out his Facebook HERE for show updates.