premiere: melo-x god : hifi

We’re calling it now…THIS IS THE EP OF THE SUMMER…

by Josh Madden

Melo-X GOD : HiFi

We first met Melo X a couple of years ago when he was DJing a party. A song was on, it sounded like a smash hit, but there was one problem: We'd never heard it and it wasn't Shazaming, so we went up to ask the DJ what this jam was. The DJ was Melo and instead of playing the stone faced half annoyed role, he smiled bigger than anyone South of Houston has smiled in 10 years and said, "This is me, it's not out yet!" We've been watching our talented friend progress leaps and bounds since then and when he hit us up and offered us the premiere of his new EP 

GOD : HiFi

we said yes, and we're honored to bring you this incredible group of tracks today!We're gonna go ahead and start off by saying that this EP is one of those projects that puts an artist'S name on the map. You know that mixtape your favorite rapper drops that lands them the million dollar deal? This is that collection of songs, produced by and featuring all kinds of new talent, bringing a cross section of sound all orchestrated by Melo X, starting with the DEO produced "The Elevation Sequence," which kicks off the whole deal with a vibe that transports you to the world where you'll spend the next half hour. The four tracks produced by Melo himself ("Girls Love Rihanna", "The Truth", "My Nighas", and "Enter the WWW") all display the artist's propensity for drum sounds and his ability to make an MP3 feel immense and spacious. To put it plainly, the production on this EP isn't comprised of quick plug-ins and samples, rather Melo and his cohorts play original parts and create a soundscape with an identity of its own. From breakbeats and chill wave tracks to soulful grooves 

GOD : HiFi

is the place this artist has been building towards and we have a sneaking suspicion that this is just the beginning. Take a listen below and download for free and check 


for your dates and more music.