Premiere: Motion City Soundtrack “Left and Leaving” friends 10

Good dudes…good tunes…good cause…

by Josh Madden

Premiere: Motion City Soundtrack "Left and Leaving" friends 10

When I met Mike Dubin AKA "Dubin" in 2001, he had this little record label called

Fadeaway Records

that was putting out indie releases of some super rad bands. He was living at shows, taking pictures of bands on and off the road, so pretty much everyone knew him. He was always talking about or in the presence of this friendly dude named Neil who I later found out was his partner in the label.

The dudes put out records, put on tours, and mainly hosted every band that came through the tri-state area until it was time to put on a tie -- well, at least a shirt with buttons -- and put the records on the shelf, so to speak. Some of the bands like Brand New, Hot Rod Circuit, and The Movielife, went on to certain levels of notoriety and some of the comps Dubin put out remain road trip favorites to this day.

When the


founders recently announced the news of


a collection of 35 rare and unreleased tracks on a triple vinyl small run-limited release, the pre-order sold out in a day. The list of bands includes names like Walter Schreifels, Far, Saves The Day, Ours, Ben Lee, Head Automatica, and more. This all well and cool and awesome but more importantly, let's not forget to mention, it's all for a good cause.

You see, Dubin's dad passed away in 2002 after battling cancer for some time and all of the proceeds are going to cancer research--not just part, but


of it is going to the cause. After all of these years and after helping all of these bands, everyone is returning the love by donating their talent to a very benevolent cause. And today we have the first listen of the first track on the first record exclusively for you!

We're stoked to bring you the premiere of our good friends

Motion City Soundtrack's

cover of a "Left and Leaving," originally by a Canadian band called The Weakerthans. It's a pretty somber jam, but the Motion City dudes set up the whole vibe for the comp nicely. Have a listen to the track below, check out earlier Fadeaway releases


and get a limited copy of



. Furthermore, shout out the Motion City dudes on Twitter


for being down with a great cause. The Fadeaway Twitter can be found