premiere: naive thieves “tragic and magic”

How far will $87.50 get you in Vegas?

by Josh Madden

For most people visiting Las Vegas, $100 won't get you very much-- luckily Naive Theives aren't most people. With a budget of $87.50 and nine hours, these dudes were able to create a super rad video for their brand new single "Tragic & Magic."

Fresh off the release of their debut album titled Vamonos, these guys have really started to make some buzz in the scene. To be honest we've had a few friends bugging us to check them out for weeks and finally when our pals over at Cave and Canary Goods sent us this video, we instantly started kicking ourselves for not listening sooner.

This single is such an easy song to enjoy and is perfectly represented with a worry-free night out with your best friends. Coming from some guys who have spent many a nights in Vegas, none of us can recall a night quite as fun as this one. Fellas, please let us know next time you're rolling through so we can meet you and learn your ways!

SPOILER ALERT: the entire record is full of these easy, feel good vibes, so do yourself a favor and pick it up HERE. Don't forget to keep up with them on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE for all future releases and tour dates!

-words by Yung Will