premiere: night riots “young lore”

The first listen to the title track off of their much anticipated new record…

by Josh Madden

If the California-based band Night Riots sound a little familiar, well there's a good reason for that: The dudes went by a different name, PK, and with that name won all kinds of attention from big outlets like MTv and Rolling Stone last year. Recently they went through a name change, which is pretty normal for bands, and with this new name comes a new EP entitled Young Lore. When the guys gave us a sneak peek of the title track we asked if we could be the first to share it and they obliged us.

Instead of making sonic comparisons or referencing hit songs from summers past, which would make things very easy but do this track no justice, we're going to describe it to you like this: "Young Lore" sounds like standing up in the back of a convertible that is driving down the PCH under a starlit sky. This song is four minutes and 18 seconds of rock-and-roll summer. With a piano, into bass, into A floor tom driven beat that opens perfectly into a driving chorus that feels like the wind. This is the song that people roll down their windows for and if it's any indicator of what the other five tracks on this EP are going to sound like, we're very excited for these guys. Young Lore is due out July 30th and a tour is in the works. Check out more on Night Riots HERE and make sure to drive safe...because this song is gonna make you want to speed.