premiere: phoenix “be cool” (emil remix)

We’re just tryin’ ta be cool…

by Josh Madden

One of our favorite bands comprised of all of our favorite buddies, Emil & Friends, just dropped this brand new remix and video of Pheonix's smash hit "Be Cool" and we're buggin'. Not only did Emil do the remix but he made the video and the only thing we're wondering is, where did he find the time? It's rumored the band is due to release their new record any day now and we're just stoked there's still time for them to do remixes and make videos. This little jam and a re-watch of this NYLON TV episode from a couple months ago are just gonna have to hold us up until the new record drops. So stoked on this...what do you think?

Phoenix - Be Cool (EMiL remix) from Emil on Vimeo.