hear the new album from ok go’s tim nordwind and drea smith!

by liza darwin

PYYRAMIDS might be the new collaborative project between OK Go's Tim Nordwind and He Say She Say's Drea Smith, but don't expect to hear more of the same from this musical duo. Instead of OK Go's cheery pop melodies and the signature electronic beats of HSSS, Nordwind and Smith have now branched out into new sonic territory-one that's darker, more mysterious, and injected with a twisted moodiness that's like a grownup version of the stuff you used to write in your high school journal.

What first started as a cyber partnership (they were connected by a friend and later sent music back and forth via email) has now morphed into a six-song EP, Human Beings, out October 31. Their reverberating textured beats and slightly gloomy, Joy Division-style attitude are all topped off with strangely catchy hooks. It's an interesting combination, and we didn't know whether we should brood or dance when we first listened to the album.

But soon we realized that we didn't have to decide. And if you ask us, it's exactly this two-sidedness that makes PYYRAMIDS so damn cool. Stream the EP from our new favorite double threat below.

Human Beings by PYYRAMIDS