premiere: raccoon fighters “wolf at your window”

Check out this rad home movie style video…

by Josh Madden

Was it Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein who said "Necessity is the mother of invention"? We're not sure, but we can tell you it was some genius individual and the Raccoon Fighter dudes employed that adage when making their newest video for their track "Wolf At Your Window." The fellas released their new record ZIL last month and we think it sounds like the sonic version of a '69 Camaro Z28. The guitar tomes these guys achieve sound as if they went back in time forty years or so and worked with Tony Visconti.

Staying true to their independent vibe, the band made their "Wolf At Your Window" on their own with zero budget. We're fully down for this home movie--all that really matters in the end is that this band truly rocks! Listen to ZIL on Bandcamp HERE and buy it HERE for a cool $7.92. You can see the band live at Glasslands December 10th and keep top with them on Twitter HERE.