video premiere: “reload” late guest at the party

A flashy, fun to watch video for their latest single…

by Christian Lavery

Since following the success of their debut EP from Italy to New York in 2011, Late Guest at the Party has been in the studio working on their latest LP Repeater. Officially out as of this past Tuesday, the album is full of hits that combine the bands noticeable 90’s brit-pop sound, electro infused beats, and varying other musical elements that make up their distinct identity.

Releasing their single “Reload” off the record roughly a month ago, today, the foursome follows it up with the visuals. A flashy, fun to watch video, the entirety of the song plays out through shadowy effects and smoky, neon intrigue. As for the song itself? Well, we know it's good.

Watch the video for “Reload” below, and make sure to pick up your copy of Repeatater.