premiere: saints of valory “kids”

This band is going to be HUGE…

by Josh Madden

When we got the invite to dinner with the Saints of Valory dudes at Plataforma Churrascaria (a Brazilian restaurant in Times Square) a few weeks ago, the plan was to go in, meet the band, and be back on the street in a half hour. To be entirely honest, it was one of those nights where we had four places to be and Times Square is impossible to get in and out of--but we had a hunch and the hunch was right!

The hostess at the front of the restaurant escorted us to a back room, where the band literally started an acoustic number right on cue. It was out of a movie. Have you ever seen a band that's so insanely on point that you find yourself looking around at everyone like "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" That's what happened. Needless to say, Platforma Churrascaria (which, while it's not easy to get to, was an amazing place to eat) was our last stop of the night, and the next two hours were spent talking, laughing, and story-swapping with the fellas. We even celebrated Stephen Buckle's birthday with some New York cheese cake.

So, let's get to the important stuff. The inside scoop is that the Saints of Valory dudes were all in various bands (some of them cover bands) who were living in South America, Europe and Texas. After meeting repeatedly on different tours they decided to join up and all relocate to Austin, Texas where they started to write songs with a distinct purpose and plan. The songs they wrote became Possibilities, their EP produced by the great Joe Chiccarelli.

We're stoked to be premiering the video for the song "Kids" because A. these dudes are awesome guys that we love hanging out with and you will too and 2. they are going to be HUGE! Do yourself a favor and watch this video, pick up Possibilities and then go see these guys live, because they are rad. These dudes are so rad they'll change your plans and the course of your day...and that's that.