premiere: silverbird “with the spirits”

A first listen from the forthcoming Surface Life EP!!

by Josh Madden

Have you ever heard a song and just knew it was gonna go big? Like, summer hit movie trailer or beer commercial big? That's the feeling we get when we heard the new Silverbird single, "With the Spirits."Founding member Tim Barr has been around the NYC music scene for sometime now, always backing up different acts playing clubs all over the city. Despite all this playing-out, he still managed to work away on his own tunes, which caught attention of English producer Kristopher Harris. After some time working in the studio, the pair have just wrapped up Silverbird's new EP Surface Life.

The record isn't due out until later this year but they've decided to give us all a sneak peak as to what to expect. This new single "With the Spirits" doesn't waste any time getting catchy--it's all hooks right from the intro. The vocals have a great mix of raspy lows and delicate highs, accompanied by a laid back guitar line and drums that carry the song forward start to finish. The organ in the bridge gives this track a vibe of familiarity and nostalgia.

With the release of Surface Life on the horizon, be sure to keep up with band on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE for release details and tour updates!

-words by Yung Will