premiere: tropic of pisces “marking”

tropidelica-funk-electro pop…

by Josh Madden

Today's good vibes come to us courtesy of our pals over at Goldest Egg and Oberhhofer guitarist Matthew Scheiner's new solo project Tropic of Pisces.

With a new record due out this May titled SymmetryTropic of Pisces is bringing the full on summer feels early with this new single "Marking." We're going to warn you now: As soon as the drums kick in the head nods will ensue, so be ready for some looks from your class/office mates, because it's irresistable. Accompanied by a fat bass line and some staccato guitar hooks, we have a feeling this song is bound to be in heavy rotation on your upcoming playlists. The sound described to us as "tropidelica-funk-electro pop" is pretty much sonic sunshine.

If the rest of the EP is anything like this, then it’s going to be fire! We’re going to try our best to be patient as Symmetry drops May 13th, but in the meantime be sure to check Tropic of Pisces out on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE.

-words by Yung Will