premiere: u.s. royalty “blue sunshine” album preview

This record is going to be huge…

by Josh Madden

You wanna know something crazy? I have known the U.S. Royalty dudes since before any of us were teenagers, they're from my home town. Yeah man, I don't mean to name drop but I knew these fellas before they were the stylish bros that all the girls love. I'm proud too, every time some hip new fashion person tells me about the band I tell 'em "Yeah, those are my boys!" It's cool to brag when some hometown homies make it and it's even cooler when they're a seriously rad band like these guys.

So basically I work at a magazine now and I see the guys from time to time when they're on tour but today I'm super stoked to be the first one to bring you their new record Blue Sunshine a full week before it's release. This record sounds like Crosby Stills Nash and Young made babies with Fleetwood Mac. I could stop the review right there and it would fully be enough, all you really need to know is that--because you can just listen to it and see for yourself. Seriously, listen to 'Slow Magic" or "Two Worlds" and tell me those don't sound like lost Stevie Nicks gems.

Remember when The Killers Hot Fuss dropped and everyone was all "I dunno it's like this, but also like that, but kinda like nothing that exists, but also kinda '80s sounding..." remember that? Well this is exactly like that but go a decade earlier, it's on some good ol' fashioned America the Beautiful wave. Do you own a pick up truck? Put on "Get On Home" and close your eyes...that's what riding in a Ford F150 with the windows down feels like.

I'm telling you, I know these dudes, I've seen them live through the years and this is their best work yet. Next Tuesday, January 21st, when Blue Sunshine is officially released, you should grab it because these dudes rule and they're not going to stop ruling any time soon. Check out their Facebook HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE and if you live in Washington D.C. you can see them at Rock & Roll Hotel Saturday the 25th!

...seriously though, amazing job on the record fellas, keep killin' em!