Not your average pretzel…

by Christian Lavery

Making its U.S debut, and changing the way the pretzel is portrayed, Pressels is a new take on the classic baked snack munched on by millions. Thin, crispy, and the delicious result that occurs when the average pretzel is crossbred with a chip, Pressels have a distinguishing crunch that can’t quite be compared to anything we’ve ever eaten.

Offered in three unique choices -- a garlic, sesame, onion, and black caraway covered “Everything” option, a “Sesame” flavor topped with seeds from Gujarat, India, and lastly “Original,” which is lightly sprinkled with sea salt, that all are free of articial flavors and preservatives making them the perfect snack to endlessly indulge in.

For more info on Pressels , head HERE, and like us, you probably won’t be able to keep your hands away from them.