geek chic inspired by the best high school series of all-time.

by ray siegel

Cult followers would agree that the best high school depiction to ever air on TV was Freaks and Geeks, featuring the lovable class of 1980-81 at McKinley High. Even though the show was set in the beginning of the '80s, it had seemingly timeless appeal to it. No matter where or when you went to school you most likely had some version of that same experience: finally dating your crush only to realize they bore you, defying your parents, feeling like you suck at math and like you don't fit in anywhere. And you probably wore or still wear the same exact clothes that the cast did. If anything the striped shirts worn by Sam Weir and army jacket-Converse combo favored by Lindsay Weir are probably even more in style now than when the show was filmed. Life in general is too a lot like high school, which if anything was the series' most prevailing theme: Adults don't necessarily have it all figured out, and age is just a number. In honor of our favorite show, here's our modern-day version of the cast's iconic outfits, complete with a MoMA calculator fit for a mathlete:

Topshop Oversize Biker Jacket, $120

Topshop Army Jacket, $96

MoMA Corn Calculator, $15

Dolce and Gabbana Sweater, $1076.63

Lacoste Striped Sweater, $157.86

Hawkings Mcgill Raglan Sweater, $59

American Apparel Raglan Shirt, $26