take a trip to dillon, tx with some all-american fashion.

by liza darwin and joelle hyman

Here at NYLON, you could say we're a teeny bit obsessed with NBC's Southern football drama, Friday Night Lights. For instance, we've been known to have lengthy discussions about Tim Riggins, Julie Taylor, Matt Seracen, and Lyla Garrity as if we know them. And we also admit to sometimes (okay, always) cheering a little when the players score a touchdown.

In honor of the show, we've rounded up our favorite Americana-inspired looks. While that doesn't necessarily mean football uniforms, we did take cues from our favorite players and cheerleaders with varsity jackets, leather boots, and denim.

So even if your weekend plans don't include a trip to Panther Stadium, who cares? You can still look the part.

BDG Fisherman Cardigan, $68 at Urban Outfitters

Eyeko Nail Polish in Posh, $6 at Eyeko.

Jersey Raglan, $68 at Free People.

Rebecca Taylor dress, $295 at Net-a-Porter.

Philosophy Red Velvet Cake Lip Gloss, $10 at Philosophy.

Varsity Leather Jacket, $172 at ASOS.