Photos via Public Space/animated by Lindsay Hattrick


What LaCroix Flavor Bathing Suit Are You Wearing This Summer?

Swimwear for the ultimate sparkling beverage fan

Apparently, the hype around cult-favorite sparkling water brand LaCroix is still alive and well.

Designer Eric Wu of Public Space just dropped the ultimate tribute to the beverage: an entire line of swimwear inspired by the brand’s bright, '80s-leaning cans. And with beach season quickly approaching, this new offering couldn’t come at a better time.

Flavors highlighted include the sunset-hued pamplemousse, bright yellow lemon, neon-splattered passionfruit, and more. Each can has been reimagined as both a women’s high-cut one-piece for $49.50 and men’s swim shorts for $39.50.

This is not the first time we’ve seen the popular beverage weasel its way outside of the beverage industry. Remember last fall when LaCroix-inspired hair was a thing?

The full his-and-hers lineup is available to shop now at Public Space. Which flavor will you wear? (Personally, I’m feeling pamplemousse for this Memorial Day Weekend—but what does that say about me?)