publish brand holiday 2013

We’ve never worn one brand head to toe…until now…

by Josh Madden

publish brand holiday '13

We're not sure if the crew at Publish Brand were setting out to ruin pants forever when they designed their joggers, but they did, and ever since we put them on we can't go back to our regular old jeans and khakis. We can't remember the last time we put on a brand from head to toe, and as Publish enters its fourth year the collection is literally the most wearable range we've ever seen. With the motto: "Today for Tomorrow," it's apparent that the motive behind each piece is less trend-focused and more concentrated on the individual aesthetic its designers aim to achieve. The look above includes the Trouski joggersBernie shirt and Glover coat--all sharp-looking, well-made pieces with attention to all the right details. The brand distinguishes itself less with logos and more with design, save for the embroidered Publish feather and the "Today for Tomorrow," which are inconspicuous marks of quality. Check out the full line HERE and keep up with Publish on Twitter HERE for new releases and sale announcements. We're swearing to you now/ warning you, once you try on the joggers you're not going back. Scrolling through the site you'll see that this brand has a look all its own. There's no need for a gift guide...these guys pretty much filled our holiday shopping list. [vimeo_embed // expand=1]