punch laundry bag

Laundry can be frustrating, this may help…

by Christian Lavery

Right behind Mondays, laundry day is easily the worst day of the week. And the thing about it is, aside from buying a wardrobe that can amass a 365-day calendar, there’s no real way to avoid it. So as you begin to toss aside your soiled garments and as that dreaded day nears, you should be able to take out your frustration. Because that’s all laundry is anyway – pure frustration. Is this the right amount of detergent? What’s a gentle cycle? Can I mix colors? But to ease those previously mentioned problems, you could invest in a punching bag…or the punch laundry bag. It’s a hangable hamper that transforms into an ordinary laundry bag as you begin to fill it with it your clothes. Purchase one HERE and maybe for a change you won’t mind seeing a full bag of filthy clothing.