What Happens When Our Editors Take Some Fruit, But Make It Fashion

PVC bags have never looked so good

by Wolfgang Ruth

Staying on top of trends is easy, but transforming them and truly making them your own? Now that's a gift.

Our most recent trend reimagining? The PVC bag. Check out how, with the help of some well-placed fruit, we rock PVC bags, in the video below.


Written/Shot by Dani Okon and Charlotte Prager

Producers: Maura Gaughan and Jenna Igneri

Editor: Dani Okon

Production Assistant: Caroline Xia

Jenna is wearing a Staud bag, Hafeezah is wearing a Topshop bag, Maura is wearing a Rebecca Minkoff bag, Irina is wearing a SHOPGIRL bag, and Dani is wearing a Genuine People bag.