PWR BTTM Perfectly Captures The Struggle Of Modern Dating With Their New Single

“Answer my text, you dick” says it all

Dating is a bitch. I wouldn’t necessarily know, though, as I’ve voluntarily removed myself from that narrative. I’m single, yes (thought I was going to say I’m in a healthy, stable, long-term relationship??), but at this point, I’d much rather spend time getting to know myself better than another person. Anyway, PWR BTTM perfectly captures the frustrations of everyone who has ever been single before and stressed over whether or not that person you kind of like likes you back, with their new single “Answer My Text.”

It’s a fun, roaring, rock-adjacent track that reads both pathetic and relatable. Lyrics like “Maybe something I said before just wasn’t right/ Or maybe your heart’s on silent mode tonight,” poke fun at anxious text exchanges, while lines like “Answer my text, you dick” channel the feelings any of us have had when a suitor takes more than an hour to respond. It’s basically modern dating summed up in a quaint, perfectly formatted lyric video.

This is the second single off of PWR BTTM’s highly anticipated sophomore LP, Pageant, which is out May 12. The duo will also go on tour starting in April. Listen to the full track, above.