mango’s newest campaign star is a nylon it girl!

by faran krentcil

Believe it or not, all of NYLON's It Girls have to actually do something. Harley Viera-Newton founded not one but two rock bands (The Tints, then Lissy Trullie).  Coco Rocha started a charity to help children learn focus and community through dance.  And in between her busy party schedule, Peaches Geldof is a straight-A college student.

Then there's Leigh Lezark, whose photography won awards at Hunter College before she learned to DJ - a skill that's taken her around the world, and onstage with Sean Combs, Rihanna, and Cyndi Lauper.

Now Leigh's a new face of Mango - an honor also held by Penelope Cruz.  She's shooting their looks right-this-second in Barcelona, along with Riley Keough (university student, musician, and other NYLON It Girl), Daisy Lowe (TV host, model, and... um... other NYLON It Girl), Marie Ange Casta (high school student and sister of Laeticia), and actress Clara Lago, who got her start on the Spanish version of General Hospital.

It's sort of satisfying to see all these It Girls modeling affordable clothing - after all, they may have more flashbulbs than we do, but their budget's about the same.

Leigh Lezark at Mango's recent party in Barcelona, where she also DJ'ed.