Quilt Tie Up The Tide

cuddle up to your new january soundtrack.

by liza darwin

When the post-holiday high has officially worn off and you're deep into the throes of January, there's only one thing to do: find a new soundtrack to get you through the rest of winter (well that, and perfect your hot toddy recipe...).

Luckily we've got the first part covered, thanks to Quilt and their gorgeous sophomore album. The Boston band first crossed our radar back in 2011 with their excellent self-titled debut, which we've had on repeat ever since.

Now the threesome has returned, taking their signature multi-layered, velvety sound to the next level in Held In Splendor, out January 28. It's the best of old and new: folksy melodies, lush harmonies, and a familiarity that's about as warm as wrapping yourself up under your down comforter. Which, let's be real, is all we really want to do nowadays, anyway.

So go ahead and get cozy with Quilt, because we have the exclusive premiere of their new single "Tie Up The Tides" --you can work on your winter drink recipe later.