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rachel antonoff’s guide to instagram

“just get a bunch of shirts from spencer’s gifts and ‘gram away.”

by liza darwin

There's a lot to love about Rachel Antonoff, and we're not just talking about her adorable clothing label. Or her collab with Bass shoes, which singlehandedly fuels our oxfords obsession and proves that you can never have too many in your closet.

Nope, the New York designer is actually one of the most entertaining people to follow on Instagram, and it's thanks to her knack for capturing the ideal hilarious moment with an equally clever caption.

If you don't follow her yet, do so now, and get ready--whether it's lookbook sneak peeks, key outfit choices (the more scandalous the T-shirt, the better!), or cameos by her brother Jack, Lena Dunham, Mae Whitman, or Alia Shawkat, no moment is too small or too ridiculous for Antonoff. Which is exactly what makes her a must-follow, and exactly why we asked her to spill her secrets to us.

See Rachel Antonoff's tips for getting the perfect Instagram shot below, and check out her exclusive pics in the gallery! Then, head to Spencer's Gifts and start 'gramming. 

First of all, your Instagram rules. What are some of your Instagram dos and don'ts?

Thank you! To be honest, I don't have too many rules. I try to just be myself which occasionally feels embarrassing but I think probably more interesting than solely fashion-focused images.

How many photos is too many to post in a day?

According to my friends, I don't know the answer to this question. I try to stick to one or less a day, but sometimes it's hard!

Which of your friends is the best Instagram subject and why?

My brother Jack is pretty good. He is insanely expressive and constantly doing ridiculous things, which is a highly photographable combo.

You and Mae Whitman have some awesome Instagrams together-- what's your secret?

We are both down for whatever and have boundary issues.

What's the best filter and why?

I am partial to Sierra. Just makes everything look great.  

Who are the top people you follow on Instagram?

@pjransone because he is selective and funny. @ali_michael because she is silly and funny. @fakeemile has great taste. @amtendler is an amazing makeup artist with a book coming out. Also, she's very funny. @duckyantonoff because it's usually people I know on there which is always fun. @daddyangelou because she's always funny and also usually focuses on people/places I know

How can you capture the perfect selfie?  

Unfortunately I don't know the answer to this, I am terrible at selfies. I do try to avoid anything that could be taken as a "sexy selfie" if you will, I think those are sort of embarrassing.   

What's your #1 tip for Instagram success?

Just get a bunch of shirts from Spencer's Gifts and 'gram away.

photo by rachel antonoff for nylon

"Remember when people used to go out?" - Jack (I'm pretty sure going out is still "in")

photo by rachel antonoff for nylon

Full moon

photo by rachel antonoff for nylon

Stacy making an exit

photo by rachel antonoff for nylon

Erin taken by Daniel Silbert

photo by rachel antonoff for nylon

Shell telling Mae something hilarious

photo by rachel antonoff for nylon

Swimming in our underwear

Two of the world's best people, Mira and Theo