Watch The Unsettling Video For Radiohead’s New Single “Burn the Witch”

Yes, that Radiohead

When Radiohead erased their digital footprint over the weekend, everyone, including us, speculated that new music was on the way. It turns out that everyone, including us, was right. After a brief Instagram tease, the enigmatic band has dropped the video for "Burn the Witch," the first single from their new album which could be days or weeks away from being released. The song is classic Radiohead, combining pristine production and orchestration with lyrics that insinuate something much more sinister. It's a sign that the new album, their ninth, will be more accessible than 2011's The King of Limbs. The video, too—a stop-motion clip directed by Chris Hopewell—looks like a children's cartoon, but ends with a man being maybe burned alive in a giant wooden statue, so there's that. 

Die hard Radiohead fans (Radioheads?) will recognize "Burn the Witch" from the artwork of the band's 2003 album Hail to the Thief and the tease version of the song that the band has been playing on tour throughout the last decade. According to them, this finished version will be "available on all digital services" beginning at midnight, and all their social media platforms have been updated to include new artwork. So after going away for a very short while, it looks like Radiohead are very much back. That's a good thing.