Radiohead Teams Up With Paul Thomas Anderson On The Gorgeous “Present Tense” Video

We can get used to this

by daniel barna

Radiohead has once again teamed with Paul Thomas Anderson, this time on the music video for "Present Tense." The band first enlisted the services of PTA—as he's affectionately known to his many acolytes—on the "Daydreaming" video, which, like "Present Tense," appears on their latest record A Moon Shaped PoolBut while that clip was a sprawling visual saga that saw PTA pull from his vast bag of tricks, this one is far more restrained. Here, PTA captures one of Radiohead's most intimate performances ever and shoots it as gorgeously as you'd expect from the man responsible for visually ambitious films like There Will Be Blood and The Master. Armed with nothing more than a Roland CR-78, Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood show that when they really turn it on, few performers are as captivating.

The partnership between Radiohead and PTA has been a long time coming. Johnny Greenwood has scored the director's last three films, so it was only a matter of time before PTA collaborated with Greenwood and his bandmates. We can’t begin to imagine what these two creative powerhouses have in store for us next, but one thing’s for sure: we can’t wait to find out. Watch the video for "Present Tense" above.