raf simons spring 2014

Is it a coincidence? maybe…Is it awesome? DEFINITELY!!

by Josh Madden

Raf Simons spring 2014

Let's kick this off by saying everything Raf Simons does is perfect. We're fans since the late '90s and until now the spring '02 collection was our all-time favorite collection. We say "was" because that all changed this week, when Simons shared his vision for spring '14 in Paris. Somehow with this collection the designer executed a force of buttoned-up androgyny that was both edgy and tame at the same time. While much of men's fashion is headed to the gym and feeling very much like that spring '02 Simons aesthetic, the trailblazer delivers something totally different. The variety of blazers and overcoats in the show didn't even share the same silhouette, as if are tailored for men of different sizes. A large portion of the looks included black shorts, a few kilted pieces were thrown in to mix it up, and even a couple long shirts, dare we say dresses. To top is all off, we feel a bit of a personal shout out from Simons as a few of the pieces had NYLON scrawled largely across the front of them. This is the equivalent of when your favorite singer writes a song and somehow it has your you're name in it. While you're fully aware that it's not about you, it's just cool to think it could be. We're true fans of this designer, from his work with Fred Perry to the Adidas collaboration (which the models were wearing in this show). So if you see us around SoHo in loafers, black shorts, and an extra long polo that may or may not be a dress, don't blame us--it's the future, Raf said so.