Raven Symoné’s Wild Hair Color is Pretty Amazing

with both her rad hair and amazing message.

Former Disney channel actress Raven-Symoné just appeared on Winfrey's Where Are They Now? series to talk about surviving child stardom without getting caught in the tabloids, whether she ever formally came out as a lesbian, and what she thinks of her personal identity as a woman of color in America. She didn't outright address the question of sexual identity, but she did explain that she is in a happy, healthy relationship with a woman, and she's proud of herself as a person. Then she drew the line and said that was all she wished to divulge. You go, girl. Proud and happy is good enough for us.

While Symoné's interview definitely showed off a more intimate, opinionated view of the actress than we've seen before, there is just one thing we can't get over: her hair. That is so Raven.

From her days running around, playing a fashion-loving high school psychic, we knew that Raven has never been afraid of attacking some trends, and we are so glad that she's joined the ranks of celebs with brightly-hued tresses. Styled in a badass, wavy bob with a turquoise, silver, and purple dye gradient, this girl's hair is definitely one that'll stop traffic.

It comes as no surprise that she's adopted such a statement-making look. When it comes to her race and sexuality, the Cosby Show alum told Oprah, "I don't label myself." That being said, we think she'd be totally willing to accept a different type of label: trendsetter. 

Watch Raven's interview with Oprah below to here what she told the media icon—and to see just how good she looks.