red by polo

A new fragrance from Ralph Lauren

by Christian Lavery

We already know the deal, and trust us, we get it! You have your signature fragrance that you’ve been wearing for years and it works wonders for you. Everything and everyone you come in contact with becomes instantly intoxicated with your aroma. So why should you possibly even consider finding a new one? For the answer to that, we turn to none other than a Mr. Ralph Lifshitz. Or maybe you know him as Ralph Lauren? His iconic brand Polo Ralph Lauren has released the new fragrance, Polo Red. It’s a mix of red saffron, red grapefruit, and last but not least, redwood. And although we aren’t exactly sure where the name came from (we hope you know we’re kidding), it’s a scent we don’t think you’ll mind dropping your old one for, or at the very least adding it to the rotation. Available in various sizes HERE.