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9 ways to rock the cleave

free the nipple! (almost)

by nylon

It's never too early to start planning your New Year's Eve outfit, and if there's any trend we're stealing from fall's red carpets for NYE this year, it's the "Freedom of Cleavage" trend. Just take it from some of your favorite celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, who showed up to the amfAR LA Gala red carpet last night sporting seriously daring necklines (that basically showed us everything).

But RiRi and Miley weren't the only ones to get crazy with cleavage! Lucky for you, we've rounded up our favorite "Free the Cleave" looks from the party. Each is totally different, and totally awesome, proving that there is definitely more than one way to let it all hang out.

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The Celeb: Miley Cyrus

The Cleavage: "Strap 'em down, let 'em out"

What We Think: This look reminds us of the scene in Now & Then where Roberta tapes her boobs, except, if Roberta was Catwoman and didn't put a shirt on after.

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The Celeb: Dita Von Teese

The Cleavage: "Classy Cleave"

What We Think: This is how to free your cleave as glamorously as possible. It's a super small slit that plunges down a few inches further than you normally might show off, leaving just enough mystery without overdoing it.

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The Celeb: Gwyneth Paltrow

The Cleave: "Sexy Tomboy"

What We Think: The pant suit is a go-to for celebs who want to look fabulously casual and feel way comfy. The best way to sexy-up the pant suit is to not button the first few buttons, or go with a top that has no buttons at all.

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The Celeb: Kelly Osbourne

The Cleave: "Cute Cleave"

What We Think: Adding polka dots over your cleavage is a good way to minimize the craziness of the low neckline. This is what you'd wear to a wedding if you want to stand out, meet a slow dance partner, and still have your great aunt tell you you look great.

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The Celeb: Lea Michele

The Cleave: "Pumped Up"

What We Think: Sometimes the best way to show off your cleavage is to lift, lift, lift. Although it looks like Lea Michele isn't wearing a bra here, we're guessing this dress has some super awesome cups inside that give the bust a natural looking lift.

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The Celeb: Michelle Rodriguez

The Cleave: "Halfway There"

What We Think: This is one low neckline. It almost reaches the navel and should only be worn if you're feeling really daring and confident, so, basically, any day.

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The Celeb: Natasha Bedingfield

The Cleave: "Sneak Peek"

What We Think: Getting a dress with sheer fabric over the cleavage is a perfect way to rock the look while still being a bit conservative about showing off your goods.

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The Celeb: Rihanna

The Cleave: "Let it All Hang Out"

What We Think: If you ever have the chance to let it all hang out, be sure to appropriately cover your nipples. This look works well because it's the classiest way possible to show everything but the nip.

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The Celeb: Rose McGowan

The Cleave: "Surprise Surprise"

What We Think: Of all the cleavage looks, this one is surprisingly the most attention-getting, because you're more likely to stare at something you're trying to figure out (Is that skin or not?!), then something that's super obvious.