What to Watch at Work While You Wait for The Long Weekend to Begin

in a very real way, it’s already begun

Let’s be honest: You left work mentally about five minutes after you came in this morning. It’s mere hours until the beginning of that most patriotic of long weekends, so everyone's top priority right now looking busy while doing nothing. Even your boss is playing the waiting game.

To shave off a few minutes today, we offer you EXIT—a chronicle of Reef’s surf team chasing big waves and good times in Indonesia, Japan, Australia, and the Caribbean. It's also the most beautiful surf video we’ve ever seen and what our upcoming long weekend would look if we had unlimited genie wishes.

It's also the first surf video we’ve seen available in 2160p resolution. If you happen to have a 4K monitor at work or a Ultra HD TV at home, you're in for a real treat.

Now put on your earphones, click play, and burn those minutes. Oh, and feel free to share it with the boss.