4 Reasons To Bring Rhubarb Home This Spring

    That have nothing to do with pie

    by · June 03, 2016

    Photo by Brittany Bennett

    That pink celery you’ve seen at the market isn’t celery at all. Not to be confused with the stalky vegetable and dipped into hummus, rhubarb is a seasonal vegetable that sprouts in the beginning of spring. A prelude to strawberry season, this tart vegetable is better suited with sweeter ingredients, and most often can be found in a pie filling.

    The bitter bite of rhubarb finds a tasteful partner in citrus and berries. Hence, their constant pairing, like you and your BFF every day in high school chemistry lab (#tb).

    This culinary coupling is a case of opposites attracting. The sour spike of rhubarb doesn’t quite corrupt the purity of the fruit, and fruit’s natural sweetness doesn’t quite tame the tart of rhubarb. Instead, their differences make for a harmonious duet like Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson singing “You’re The One That I Want” in Grease.

    While you could just combine strawberries and rhubarb in a crater of pie dough, I will leave that recipe to your grandmother. There are other reasons to haul a bundle of rhubarb back to your kitchen this spring. Here are four:

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